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September 5, 2014

(This website is a new work in process)

When I was a kid I remember taking a string and stretching it taut between two cups and then I would talk into one of the cups and a friend on the other end using another cup could hear me speaking.  Do you remember doing that? Isn’t it amazing how the voice can be transferred over a tight string to someone else?  I think that’s amazing.

I’ve lived all my life not knowing our Father in heaven wants to play that game with us every day and that prayer is like that taut line between two cups.  With prayer it is possible to pull that string tight and actually talk to God.  How many of us would pray more often, and with heart felt passion and hope, if we really believed that we can talk to God and that He really is holding the cup at the end of the string?

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I thought prayer was for just for sissies and was not real nor was it really important.  Unfortunately I avoided it seriously for 60 years.  Then one day (September 2, 2012) WHAM!  The Lord Jesus Christ stepped into my life and literally saved me in answer to my prayer and I believe the prayers of others.  Later studies, inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit, showed me that prayer is the way that Jesus talked to the Father and that it is the REAL way for us to talk to God.  Wow!  Jesus had a cup.  How could I have missed that all my life?  When you get this your life will never be the same.

These days I just pull that string tight and pray every day knowing that the Father is really listening on the other end.  This belief is so strong in me now that I have dedicated this website, at His prompting I believe, to the subject of prayer and how God, our Father, answers our prayers in many ways.

If you are here I pray that the Holy Spirit leads you to the solution that you seek from our Father God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through your devout prayers.  Pull that string tight and start talking.

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